104. Best Trilogy of All Time

We’ve podcasted for over 100 episodes so we feel like we have some authority on the subject matter, or it could be the dunning kruger effect, but we are going to tell you, dear listener, what is the best film Trilogy of all time!!! This is one trilogy that we’ve discussed off air and it’s a clear winner so instead of debating the number 1 trilogy of all time we thought it would be a more interesting discussion to fight it out for the honour of second place. Now we’ve all chosen a trilogy to bring to the table and we are going to each have a chance to present our arguments for why our trilogy is indeed the best.

Dean will be representing Back To The Future, Paul  Star Wars and Jason The Godfather. Tune in to find out what Trilogy deserves the silver medal for BEST TRILOGY OF ALL TIME. 

For more Nerds Before Birds click below to listen to our Podcast:

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