99. Code 8 – Interview with Screenwriter Chris Paré

The Netflix sci-fi film Code 8 hit the streaming service in April landing in the top 10 in Australia along with other countries. The relatively low budget sci-fi action film was not always a sure thing. Initially made as a short film starring Robbie Amell, in the same role, the filmmakers went on to launch an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of gathering the $200,000 needed to complete the feature. The film was quickly successful in reaching that goal and surpassing it, just slightly (sarcasm), to the tune of 2.5 million USD.

We caught up with Chris Paré (being aussie we pronounced his name wrong) the writer and co-producer of the sci fi Netflix film Code 8 starring Robbie and Stephen Amell. We discussed how he first met director, Jeff Chan, and the previous projects they have collaborated on as well as their techniques in generating a successful crowd funding campaign. Chris lets us in on his writing process and how that changed after the success of the crowd funding.

See the full interview at the link below:

Code 8 Interview with writer and co-producer Chris Paré.

For the full podcast review and interview of Code 8 check out the link below:

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