Episode 59: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home, the newest MCU film, sees Spiderman embroiled in an earth threatening globe trotting adventure that is much larger in scale than the solo predecessor. Spiderman Homecoming had big moments but on the MCU scale of things was a relatively smaller film, choosing to focus on smaller more nuanced characters. Whereas SMFFH is loud, brash and somewhat disconnected from the characters. 

Peter Parker has always been engaging to watch develop on screen but there is little done to further the character in this film. Instead the spectacle has become the major focus. Zendaya (Mj) and Tom Holland are great, as usual,  despite having little to work with in the way of character development. 

Whilst the film is predictable in parts a 2nd act reveal isn’t too shocking as the villian is introduced in full moustache twirling fashion. This is also where the film begins to unravel. As a spectacle it is fine but if you begin to question the plausibility of character motivations in both this film and the extended franchise that’s where things quickly fall apart.

With a switched off brain it’s hard not to enjoy moments of this film but unfortunately it falls right into the, now common, mediocrity of storytelling that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is determined to create.

A few surprises in the mid and post credits scenes give sticking around purpose once again, so that’s to be commended, but ultimately the film overall falls somewhat flat. 

2.5 Birds out of 5 from me – Jason

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