Game of Thrones came to a conclusion today and that’s pretty much the best summary of the episode… On one hand it is great to have almost all the plot threads neatly wrapped up but on the other hand it is done in a fairly bland low key way that is somewhat satisfying but also underwhelming.

If this review sounds conflicting well that’s because the episode was very emotionally conflicting.

Beginning where last weeks episode left off we find Tyrion searching through the rubble of Kings Landing. He is followed close behind by Jon and Davos as they witness first hand the aftermath of the new tyrant Danaerys.

Tyrion moves on alone, despite warnings from Jon that it is not safe, and he eventually finds the bodies of his brother and sister. Peter Dinklage again acting his heart out.

Jon and Davos come across Greyworm and some unsullied soldiers preparing to execute Lannister soldiers and Jon tries to intervene before Greyworm makes it clear that they are executing the soldiers on the orders of their queen. Davos convinces Jon that he needs to take it up with the Queen so they carrying on allowing the soldiers to be executed.

Jon walks alone through the crowd of Unsullied and Dothraki celebrating, he sees Dani get dropped off by Drogon at the top of a large stairwell where she approaches in full Mad Queen style to speak to the troops, similar to a Hitler Nazi rally with draped flags over ruins.

She tells the soldiers that her conquest is not over at which point Tyrion comes out behind her. They speak and she accuses him of treason for freeing Jamie and he, in turn, accuses her of killing innocent children. I for one thought Tyrion might do something really stupid in this moment by trying to kill Dani (which based on his terrible character choices so far this season this wouldn’t be surprising) but fortunately he just resigns as hand of the queen at which point Danaerys has him arrested.

Jon watches this occur then goes to speak to Tyrion who tries to convince him to stop Danaerys. Tyrion reasons with him that she believes she is ultimately good and would never stop conquering.

Afterwards Jon meets Danaerys, in the broken down semi destroyed throne room, as she approaches the Iron Throne. After the realisation that Tyrion was right Jon confesses that she will always be his queen before stabbing her through the heart. Drogon sensing his mother has died flies into the throne room picking up Danaerys and flying away but not before melting the Iron Throne, in a very on the nose symbolic gesture.

The episode then flashes forwards some time with Tyrion being brought before the Lords and Ladies of Westeros in a prisoner plea deal with the Unsullied forces.

Sansa, Arya, Brann, Brienne, Davos are all there along with Yara Greyjoy, Edmure Tully, Yohn Royce and even Robin Arryn. All as the representatives for their regions. Sansa speaks up saying the meeting was for both Jon and Tyrion but Greyworm insists that they are after justice for their Queens death.

After some discussion it was decided that a King or Queen needed to be chosen to decide the fate of Jon and Tyrion. In a twist l don’t think anyone saw coming Brann is chosen as King. Sansa decides to stay peacefully independent as Queen of the North and the others support Brann as King. Tyrion’s punishment is to become hand of the King and Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch (which apparently is still a thing…or is it).

Just before Jon sails off for the Night’s Watch he says goodbye to Brann, Sansa and Arya (who informs the siblings that she doesn’t intend to come back but to sail to find what is ‘West of Westeros’).

When Jon arrives at the wall he finds Tormund and the free folk and not the same Night’s Watch as he saw before, in fact there isn’t much at all. He ventures north of the wall with Tormund, perhaps becoming the King Beyond the Wall in the now safe from White Walker lands. We end the series as it began in the snow with a group walking into the forrest.

This episode wrapped up things modestly and works to an extent. It is well done but overall doesn’t live up to the hype. I feel that, despite how underwhelming the series became, in the end it has been an enjoyable ride. My thoughts are still conflicted as it is somewhat satisfying yet still disappointing. I suppose D.B Weiss and David Benioff had an impossible task and that was to give an ending to something so unimaginable difficult to end.

3 out of 5 Birds from me – Jason

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