After 22 movies does the gravy train finally fail for Disney? I think not. Avengers: Endgame is easily the most anticipated movie of the year with a huge cliff hanger left from last year’s Infinity War droves of audiences are expected to show up in force to get the answers to all those questions left from the previous installment.

From the opening scene the pace of the film is a lot slower than Infinity War taking a few steps back from the action to help the protagonists regroup.

Overall the film is well executed and will have fans of the series feeling satisfied by the conclusion to this portion of the saga. Whilst it seems that there is no end in sight for the majority of these characters the film manages to create somewhat of a satisfying conclusion to the many character arcs that have spanned the series so far.

Yet I can’t help to think that Infinity War was a stronger more focused film this does manage to wrap story threads up neatly enough to not undermine the emotional weight of the previous film but unfortunately there are a few blatant plot holes in the third act that cause problems in the continuity of the series that might have some fans questioning the validity of the installment in retrospect.

Undeniable still the film is a welcomed addition to the MCU and is sure to bring out the nerd excitement buried within us all!

4 out of 5 Birds from me – Jason

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