Amy Schumer Growing Review

Amy Schumer Growing is mostly everything that you would expect from the comedian vulgar, rude and down right irreverent but one thing that is surprising is that it’s often very honest and vulnerable in her approach.

Schumer and Adam Sandler have little to nothing in common with the one exception that they have both seen incredible slumps in their careers lately. With Sandler and Schumer increasingly facing fierce backlash for the quality of their work. Sandler returned to form in 2018 with his stand up Netflix special “Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh” and an underrated performance in “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).”

Schumer in a similar vein seemingly has taken the criticism on board and returns in her second exclusive Netflix special “Amy Schumer Growing” with moderate success.

I wasn’t a fan of “Amy Schumer The Leather Special” and mainly watched this new special out of curiosity. What I found was astonishingly refreshing. The heavily pregnant Schumer takes the stage, in what I can only imagine, is a very mentally and physically exhausting time but yet like a true show woman manages to perform despite the difficulty.

Whilst some jokes fall flat more often than not I found some very cleverly crafted material throughout. What was unexpected was also her ability to make material, that whilst you were laughing, was effect poignant socially commentary.

Don’t be fooled though Schumer is just as vulgar as ever and this show is not for the faint of heart but it is a welcomed step in the right direction for a comedian that has been unfortunately more of a miss than a hit. If Schumer continues to grow we might be in for the most shocking thing of all a hilarious kid friendly special.

3 out 5 Birds from me – Jason

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