11. Ant-Man and the Wasp

The nerds review ANTMAN AND THE WASP! Will it SOAR like an Eagle or is it just Flipping the Bird.

Warning: A few Spoilers Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.


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00:00:00I’ll be back in a couple hours play Farmville and call yourself a game of you said also and I said I hated anyone
00:00:27I am date and I’m told him that was it that way I knew at least see it is I actually had that going on besides anyways and I’m Jason welcome to Natalie for bed the podcast what you find reviews rankings in general discussion on all things pop Gojo this week we’re having a look at the smallest Avenger in the nearest MCU movie Ant-Man and wasp like an eagle or is it just flipping the bird the first hole you just seen this movie right I literally came home about half an hour ago from it yet refresh yeah so mean things I say I’m actually quite surprised we could have got rid of you yet cuz the last podcast with just you guys is going so well
00:01:27but I just found I want to have full disclaimer on this I haven’t actually watch this movie are you serious are you for real
00:01:38well I didn’t get a chance to him and get a chance so you literally waiting for mine all mine and I’m serious and Hollister there was livid right now there is right now
00:02:05Colorado being serious right now
00:02:16it’ll be Giants hovering over the end call button so I face right now like I’ve had for years really what happened stressed out the entire time trying to get to the movies it was just a reader is apparently two groups of people want to buy tickets at once
00:03:15oh yeah he’s going to be fine with it just going to be in there it’s we’re going to get some fluids and now that I was right and ready men fuming and ready to go if you think of this movie did it soar like an eagle or was it just flipping the bird this one definitely sounds like an eagle I thought I I had fun same as the first one it was just me know it’s definitely not the best mobile film not best bike by 5 but it was just it was enjoyable it was fun and that’s what I want in a man with him what about you what did you think I’d like this podcast I thought that saddest movies sold like a mosquito I liked it I thought it said I think it was it was nice to have another
00:04:15he was very civil war Ant-Man one was it was just a standalone hero film that is really really good at some point yet will tie into the other stuff but it was cool and I liked it I said have kept an idiot in one is basically Iron Man 1 they like Ant Man gags actually the same story as I was a very different feel like I’m an one feels feels like Iron Man it’s sort of feels like a Marvel small any kind of thing like it it kind of skim through it it’s like it just sounds like an eagle it’s only just for me but um well it’s the local inasal enjoyable enjoyable but it’s okay yeah it’s perfectly forgettable I feel like it’s a high flying turd
00:05:15find anyways but Bailey through the wing but it still holding on how do you think it compared to the first movie that is a good question story was I think it was a little bit of it was a little bit more all over the place saying and not there few bits that were bit more confusing but I thought this was funny like more jokes landed for me for this month for Rod was on point as Scott Lang a huge I think without having pull right in this movie
00:06:15would not have what he was hilarious in all way to see no one liners and reactions to everything I love watching him do his thing it’s awesome and yeah I love this I love the new dynamic between him and his harp and I’m hard and I love seeing them team up in Riri cool ways to take the bad guys on it’s fantastic stuff what about you how much I enjoy Paul Rudd and Elizabeth and Oakwood why that like it sort of feels like this is how the average human would react to this situation the massive knowledge of advanced scientific Endeavors but just like
00:07:14I mean I’ve spent the last 2 years so the playing drums and having about a friendship between him and Luis Luis Luis Marco pandas character he he was one of my favorite parts of him and I’m also a Randall Park who plays Jimmy would yes really seen him in a few other things like I think I seen him in the interview or something like that but he just really like the comedy that comes out of his interactions is the FBI agent who play Kim yeah she did like I haven’t really
00:08:14cinnamon many other things but have him in this and just sort of it seems like he’s giving a little bit of free rein yeah like a little bit add living in the back and forth between the two characters I thought that was fantastic and used it was one of my favorite spots in the movie and the comedy I felt was pretty good without taking away from the the overall drama I also I felt like Walton Goggins the guy that’s from Tomb Raider I felt like he was kind of wasted though in this is yeah yeah he was like he did have a few kemetic moments himself but as a character he kind of he could have not been in the movie and it felt more like a plot device than actual character really flush team at it would be way too much to have like a Warcraft
00:09:14what is four or five different things happening I wish that they finally Y8 yeah
00:09:30talk to that sucks yeah I don’t think it’s as bad as you made it out to bait but it’s definitely not a good movie action is well
00:09:44yeah fair enough anyways alright cool so yeah man let’s go into spoiler territory and if you’re around at this point I’m get out of here in a few. Don’t care feel free to text me to even Scott listening to this podcast AP you give me exactly how you feel and her character show and the whole well I suppose in way she’s kind of like the MacGuffin of the film she’s the driving force behind the the major plot device of trying to rescue her from the quantum realm what did you think of her scenes in and she wasn’t really in it for that long I found out I was a little bit underwhelmed and how much she was in that that
00:10:44did you think of her in this life festival I thought that she hasn’t aged since thing Catwoman and what what the heck she looks like how old is she actually let me find you actually looked it up I was really surprised at 1958 Sochi 60 this year at some point if she isn’t already but yeah yeah yeah well done Michelle Pfeiffer and then secondly yeah yeah I thought she was I agree with you Jason I think she wasn’t in a very much and I would have love to see more of her and the dynamic and you know Maury Union between parents spank would be nice but I’m bought and it says kind of way because she wasn’t even in my favorite scene with her but your husband
00:11:44can talk about this a little bit later on yeah that possession scene with them with pull-rod icon of I had these flashbacks to Ghost with Patrick Swayze and wavy possesses Whoopi Goldberg and I’m like this is like that movie but it’s it as if you didn’t see Patrick Swayze in this moment and you just will be going to Larry’s like we did in Honey look at him to Michael Douglas’s I really felt like it felt like Jack Black’s character in Jumanji like that very female role as I look at your page and I do a little motherly Shake rugs and stuff I love it when you what was going on exactly
00:12:44Susan everything really it was over the top but it was over the top and just the right amount even when July banjolele Lil Uzi made out of your such an enjoyable moment I really I couldn’t help but think of guys than this will be go like I was just like imagining what that movie was like because in the movie if you’ve ever watched guys still have you guys ever watch ghost likes Patrick Swayze and I actually have the Vin Diesel movie The Past
00:13:44where they probably saying from Ghost because they think that the DVD of ghost is the ghost which is a program that trying to get in ghost Whoopi Goldberg is a psychic and she gets a one-stage like Patrick Swayze who is the guys he comes to her and he basically uses her as a host to going talk to his girlfriend he’s different Warren um yeah I like he’s meeting but but he actually possesses her and one thing so you can actually like hold hands with Demi Moore dance and during the course of the movies like a really beautiful moment in the movie yeah because the audience doesn’t get the visual of Whoopi Goldberg dancing with Demi Moore they just get Patrick Swayze dancing with them you won’t but in reality it’s actually just Whoopi Goldberg dancing
00:14:44exactly what what this does kind of thing but without showing of Michelle Pfeiffer I kinda in that moment yeah and I can’t now I get it I have like like I had these massive flashbacks and I’m like this is totally what happened in ghost like it’s just we seen it as an audience we seen Patrick Swayze dancing like a totally different set of feel to it with that in mind but I don’t know just picturing those like Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas in the house at the end making pottery
00:15:22exactly what did you think of the WASP like when she just sort of appears in the restaurant and starts just what it was sick I kind of knew it was coming because of the trailers yet exactly when it’s like me you know what else are you going to put in a trailer that you going to put the awesome action sequences and just hard that is not from the film the final act so I think they’re a little but I didn’t expect that to be the final Act if you if that makes sense but you’re I think and I think it did
00:16:22play bit too much the trailers in the trailers they had like I’m the giant man coming up in the Umbria and everything like that yeah and him the car flipping and him soda skating down with the car as well and then the the Pez dispenser like older. How the iconic moments but in the trailer if you had gave away to mention the trailers and I was kind of taking the boxes as it went through to go yet I can’t that’s happened now then somehow he’s going to end up in the river as the giant yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Took me out of it a little bit but fair enough yeah what about you pull did you did you like the introduction of the WASP this one Ant-Man and what Marvel 8 out of 10 times do so well. I thought it was cool how they can choreograph have flats
00:17:19to match her hero like yeah so very believable that this is how she would fight Iron Man did it Rockwell Captain America did it well black panther didn’t do it well I’m think that’s one of my face with black panther but but saves like fighting to the full abilities and then black panther was like I want to drink a thing to make me not strong and then we’re going to punch the crap out of each other but I do a flip or something chasing crap
00:18:04that’s cool. That’s like I was going to but even the final like Sherry down in that movie where they just punching each other for ages as if pulling down into the the the maglev $20 it is yeah yeah CGI fast it’s just so bad most flips and kicks a nest or two of the three big butts in the movie will went out on that little pit to determine Shang yeah it’s just you know I’m going to drink a thing in the world yeah he didn’t help that we got a really good example of what black panther could do in Civil War. I think that’s the
00:19:03and just somehow being able to create these awesome sequences that just feel so grounded in some sort of reality but I also just really cool friend and then I’ll then having another direct to take over and numb East is pretty good with some of the character moments but so strong with some of that that add those action Bates going back to Ant-Man I also ride like the actions pretty good man like I I thought and I thought they did they did they did a lot more instances of liking I going big going small yeah they did I’m feeling like different things one thing that kind of bugs me that is in the first movie in
00:19:47they never really mentioned it in the in this movie but there is like a line it’s almost like a throwaway line in the first movie and correct me if I’m wrong but Hank Pym says something along the lines of the them the mass of your objects like that you shrink stays the same right yes so when he’s small his Mass stays the same because he’s able to do things like really crazy really like he’s able to like punched the people like that person throw that correct that’s badass
00:20:27but then Hank pym’s like carrying around an orangutan yeah he’s cute Hank pym’s a lot is that the mass and all of that stuff changes according to size but it’s easy it’s his strength ratio that stays the same so he can shrink wrap and Aunt but he’s punching with the strength of a human in an ant farm which when you do that math is massive I think they like how they say that ants have like the strength of like 10 a.m. so something like that that’s kind of what he can do but
00:21:27they gone up but yeah that’s interesting free watch the first ones one of those big things cuz I feel like I have to go back and watch that saying but I’m pretty sure it’s a long ways lines and yeah that kind of guys a case she’s she’s holding like a suitcase so like a Hot Wheels that I have all the cars and 20 tons of vehicles how much is that going to weigh it really really stroke like you don’t know what he benches I would have loved to throw away saying though after they Shrunk the building and then went back into the building I would have loved to have seen like desks and papers and anything that wasn’t bolted down just be everywhere
00:22:27Thomas building doing because they shrunk that building in the middle of the day they time yeah it’s like you know this it’s in the middle of the city Shirley someone’s going to notice that bike right like that was tied in the back of a man doing a really nice looks like he’s going to be here and use the bathroom real quick if you like sitting there looking at the spray cans like what have I done himself in the face
00:23:08where was that scene in the movie come on the Stan Lee Cameo is actually one of my favorites that I’m saying cuz I feel that was so funny that was awesome now I’m paying for the 60s or whatever but now I’m paying for it exactly what did you guys think of Hank being the one that actually went into the quantum realm at the end because I was I was kind of like what is Hank doing in this movie like the Mazda mind and everything but in the final sort of heist my man if you want to call it a heist I was like what is he going to do cuz the other guys are running around like him
00:24:08he’s doing the hype is she’s the wall spend for rod-like Skylanes the the Ant-Man and they’ve got plenty to do on that saying but I was like what’s Hank and yep then he went into the quantum realm and I was like oh great he’s Go to Peppa sent the same in the suit was kind of cool I thought I was at a cool yeah definitely I thought I just thought like I kind of expected it would be him to go into the quantum realm at the end anyway I’m not sure if there was maybe there was a line or something at the store. I’m not sure whether there was I actually I was actually thinking that it would be I’m Scott lying because I’d survived and because he had sort of that connection with their I thought maybe that was something that would have like an internal Compass to track her down, thing
00:25:08true yeah yeah maybe it was just that they had built that little Quantum submarine thing and I kind of figured out okay well why would Scott Lang need that he’s got the suit you know I always say I don’t have no I just assumed that it was going to be Hank Pym going and I thought it was awesome like it was a really good very I was an emotional reunions that same thought it was done very well especially with the whole going a bit mental bit and flashing into the house and then her coming in Saving it was really acting like this so I don’t know what like I don’t know how that one works but you should look into a Jason get those clothes from like
00:26:08caring for a little bit and I’m like where did that come from did she have any from the quantum realm something yeah yeah you got a great maybe you calling it a Quantum submarine does bring back again another one of my favorite lines were they talking about all these like Quantum phenomena and then like do you think I find everything in my favorite lines of bull rides with just things that at the time I was thinking like when did tell you that hide and seek I used to hide in that closet every time and far as I understand the concept of this game
00:27:02show me that’s submarine did either of you guys have either of you guys ever seen at Muvico Dana space it’s good Dennis Quaid in it and Martin Short it’s a pretty old movie so sick of Matt Ryan in it it’s from 1987 Dennis Quaid shrinks down to a tiny size and there in like a submarine he’s actually accidentally injected into a Man shows body and he has to like basically try and work out what to do in Maine while Dennis Quaid is basically making its way through his buddy and all this kind of stuff it says Very Old Navy but I remember watching it as a kid and it’s like just a lot of fun if you ever get a chance to watch it it’s a it’s a cool little my movie it’s directed by John McDonald yeah yes
00:28:01he directed Gremlins and small sandwiches and vibe to it and that really like light idea right technology kind of vibe to it and that’s where when that submarine came out I was like oh cool in space that’s it sounds like that episode of Rick and Morty where they was it was that inspired by that movie is Buddy reckon I think so I think so actually it was as well as Magic School Bus when I did the same thing that shrunk down and went to school remember remember that that episode but yeah you’re right
00:29:01Futurama did it is well everything’s It’s Over Heels band off into space in a space yeah be cool if someone did that before into space as well they like maybe that was going to Google it right now I’m searching my mind you saying into space instead of in a space but you know he just wants to make you saying into space in a Guinness taste like like in this side but they did you call it into space because he should go to space know that was Dean that gold it into space right it was that’s all I did I
00:30:02largest shipping to blame you this is Laurence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne as Doctor Bill Foster in this film like I’m how did you think of you just like character Rock and things like that I thought it was I thought it was great I thought also I think I was excited to see more of the glass character that he was based on it but yeah sorry I’m in like yard broke up and do some cool action giant stuff for United ever so like a suit or anything
00:31:02inside I actually forgot from the the trailer that he was in this movie so we need. And I was like oh cool aren’t back and forth banter with with him but I remember thinking all he’s going to be the bad guy and I’m only on because it’s just too nice cuz of the cliche but I was kind of rude I was really happily surprised by the way that he’s character develops because I felt like he was amul grounded realistic realistic character and he he was the bad guy but he wasn’t the bad guy and he kinda you could see it from his perspective but what would you think of that Laurence Fishburne as a sort of quantum Professor the Goliath
00:32:02I never expected him to show up and I’m kind of glad he didn’t of the velvet that would have been a bit of a cheap throw-away if a rocked up but I think I like the fact that they mentioned Goliath yeah that’s desert potential that obviously you’d hate is been working on stuff aside from Hank Pam and who’s to say that he’s stopped at the quantum crap like he could be working on a whole new Life program or you can have someone under his wing that’s true it’s good that he hasn’t showed up before Civil War cuz if anyone read the comics Goliath gets his chest blown out and do that and that’s exactly why I don’t really care about so yeah yeah
00:32:58I was going to go somewhere with it I forgot what I was going to say it was It was kind of cool to say a villain who wasn’t a villain you know yeah I felt bad about him and grab some like what’s the name Hannah John yes she and I I really I feel like in a way like I think there was an interview with a van that I really like and not safe Angeline Evangeline Lilly Evangeline seems more right even though they said who is like the question was like was one of the like the Google questions whatever and the question was who is the main villain in Ant-Man and the wasp and she
00:33:58we don’t really like we might not actually have Villas we might just have people that we come up against and I was like that’s a pretty accurate comment for this movie because I feel like it wasn’t really a villain as son like you sure like Walton Goggins hey was he the quick care even him like he wasn’t he wasn’t really harsh kind of thing like he didn’t he wasn’t liking me like you think in Tomb Raider right he’s character
00:34:39straight up kills a guy is executed in just completely executed but in this he like interrogates the three Associates of intimidating like it feels like I’ve been locked so hard about saying when he was interrogating from from the first one I really enjoyed the NF you like that’s kind of residue from Edgar Wright yes
00:35:39job he’s a lie why you doing that stop. Like Drunk History is kind of thing the lingering effect of Ed garage juices gold yeah it is the lingering effect is it from realizes how good it is but um but yeah and you know what I really liked the the sidekick of Michael like a Lewis’s friend yeah I think he’s Russian in this but David dastmalchian Russian not mad story thing that keeps popping up but I really like this character that he plays because and everything else that I’ve ever seen him in he’s always played like a really weed character and in this one this is probably the most normal characters ever played like if you think about it like you think like The Dark Knight he’s like the the mentally like just insane
00:36:39can I have the jerk a high is too and then in prison is he’s also one of the main suspects skip that track down he’s also in Blade Runner but I can’t remember what he was in Blade Runner 2049 previous said he wasn’t in the only way he’s like really old and like almost like really crazy kind of person and and it’s kind of cool to see him and some other sort of role that he’s kind of just as close to a normal row that I’ve ever seen him in yet and I like that I like they’ve done in that way he did the one thing that bothers me though and I don’t know if you like someone to this paying as they get fan jam waiting to wake John Wick
00:37:39that’s cool I know what that means it means like a ghost of Marvel’s Universe day that he’s the Baba Yaga or whatever and that is like a ghost character comic books yeah so it may also kind of reference to that a little bit but I’m right but yeah like it’s it’s a I did automatically as soon as he said that I was thinking John wake and I’m like waiting for Keanu Reeves to walk in and then Laurence Fishburne to turn around and actually baby character from Jerome wakings fits
00:38:39little tired that was an excellent what did you guys think so this is something that let’s let’s go into least favorite and favourite moments if we haven’t covered them already what was your least favorite and what was your favorite let’s go to favorites first Taylor stats right up at the stop was the the house arrest Montage I thought I was very well done and excellently got together I honestly when when that was happening because I’d forgotten from Infinity war that he was like under house arrest I forgot the actually had that lawn in there I’m going to hell does he have so much time on his hands that scene until like the actual till you realize that he’s actually in the house of rats
00:39:39obviously yet cuz you know he’s got nothing else to do obviously loved all the things that he was doing that Montage I feel like you know what the trick shots and crying at the phone about stars and putting stupid stuff what else what else I thought least favorite I think we’ve already talked a bit about it would like the under use of Walton Goggins as a bad guy I think maybe cuz we’ve seen how good he is especially bad guy was in other movies and he could have been used by after troll the other thing that was a bit of a
00:40:27issue I thought early on in the movie I like it’s like with the fact that Hank and Hardware on the run and I was just thinking why I like if if Scott line was able to make a deal where he only got 2 years house arrest for being in Civil War like all they did was ate in a bet they wouldn’t even part of that like they could have struck a very similar deal as well like why are they on the ground now criminals at large Tangled Up With The Avengers so screw it I’m going off the grid drink all your stuff out of that line about them but they did have that line of Adam he basically young what are you cool with being accountable for
00:41:16Scott Lang being in Civil War like involved in the Civil War because it was his technology that they used in basically he’s guilty by association association but yeah I get what you’re saying but I think I’m it’s not like the Left 4 Dead set that they’re on the run because they like drive a tank out of the facility yeah like all those kind of things you could say I suppose that that had something to do with it but yeah I know what you saying yeah I feel like it was simply just a way to create story and conflict out of nothing pretty much all of exposition in the first like half an hour of the movie in the first few scenes it’s almost like a recap of what happened in the previous movies and it’s like hey by the way I was in
00:42:16Civil War and that’s where we’re at the site so yeah I can I get what you mean though also a lot a lot of signs jogging that kind of feet are why I will try you on the sound like it’s spino in a science book but I lost count of the amount of times that Hank Pym said yep that’s what I was thinking which is hilarious by I thought like you and I could have a couple things could have been done a bit more visually like that kind of the way they did the backstory of goes I thought I was cool down and sing but even then I would have liked to see if anything
00:43:09now let’s go instead of instead of hearing their what did you think Paul what was your least favorite and your favorite pop pop would be that entice a between Walton Goggins and a screw and Michael Penna and those guys like that whole CNN him just doing that I just really like that kind of stuff for the telling a story but of the people in the story would it exactly it’s funny to say like a diva talk like a Mexican guy that was really funny I love him and hope that’s a very very easy way to do it to the school
00:44:09are there like I was school buddy do you want to do to do you actually have that
00:44:21I am I stand them some of Michael Douglas’s Drake’s to be a little cringe Webbie and that was one of the sound that a lot of the jokes that he had like where R and wipe his daughter and and the interaction with Scott and harp and I kind of like you know things like I kind of remember the woods exactly but it was something along the lines of like could you stop googling at my daughter and my daughter things I’m like they just felt a bit lazy in yeah and I kind of felt like Michael Douglas kind of didn’t
00:45:05believe what he was saying like that kind of thing with the way that he was saying that kind of thing said yeah yeah and and my other pet pay you please of my least favorite things overall I thought it was pretty good but my other pet peeve was is no real character development in the whole movie
00:45:29for Sterling especially and as well cuz if it will even Hank he doesn’t really have any overarching character development nobody really changes through the movie Sister did the same in the beginning as they are at the end and I would argue against hike I think this interaction between him and Bill at the end shows a little bit of him so to stepping back from his massive ego and his son of saying that but you know how to get this at home anyway so I can know weekend we can save ghost we can do all that and it’s like you know we can do it together and stuff like that so that’s that’s gotten us a break and it’s very on my knob like the very minor movement and I kind of felt like I mean like Scott Lang and heart they end up in the same situation as what they had
00:46:29the Lost movie yeah and again this is another one going into that type of them breaking up yes cuz we talked about the other day and at the end of the kid who won the delisting what you did doesn’t seem Jurassic world and I’m sorry I left you a comment what you had in your podcast but but I mostly agree with Jason on that one it it was a confusing stupid movie was fun
00:47:30you’re going to have to sign up for that one your mom is fantastic that’s not your mom’s name that’s knowing about the days we finally about any right I’ve dated a girl cool Jordan no way to get to the end credits and the end credit sequence for a way sequence right at the very end that you almost got trolled for I just looked it up later on cuz I’m going to go the waiting around to the end and had an internal battle as to whether I want to stay
00:48:30I was like none of you and this one yeah I don’t stay cool in all honesty it was a little Leary because it opens with a completely and the emergency broadcasting signal on the table you like yeah this is exactly what the foal that would this place would look like and then it said yeah so good doesn’t is it six arms is a Six Flags 36 legs to feel is that he could probably drum with yay it’s really good
00:49:30yeah like in that lightsaber battle at the end of the Revenge of the Sith that would be just drumsticks it’s just a case then we got the real and credit sequence the is the mid credits credits in the quantum realm and harp and hang and
00:50:07how that is the mother’s name again like we don’t see it obviously calling you two of them are gone we don’t tell people before like this I just want you getting the wrong way see you in the next movie where what a hug peeks out of the van and Luis is there
00:50:43yeah leutner Lewis is the one that’s already been out she’s in the band ages right now but will I miss what I’m saying is it’s a family friendly movie and they don’t want to actually show them to anyone else to the end because that would be such a downer so they just like you know it was marketed I definitely think that I’ve gone but but I’m just saying seemingly gone because I had mid credits scene undermines the whole movie
00:51:24family yeah that’s literally the premise of the movie and then the family is back and instead of getting a nice moment with the family they all die you missing the point they disappear together
00:51:48like if you would find someone in the mob food stuck in the quantum realm because he’s the guy that gets sent in Focus like whatever reasons what are you guys think about did you like it how did you feel when that happened it makes me question everything even more and get excited for the next Avengers even more than I was and so as soon as that happened as I can okay so we have all these theories that we’ve been thinking of for the last couple of months now or we going to do with us and how we going to like try this new information into that cuz um
00:52:40yes I mean is like no idea cuz I think we talked about yeah I think we talked about like after he reads for Infinity war going forwards and I think I might have said in that podcast which is episode to anybody listening but if you go back to the song where can I find that on all good podcasts to listen to get rid of flies naturally scroll down your page anyway going back to that podcast I did talk about how I felt that they use Hank pym’s technology to somehow go back in time and everything like that and now Hank pym’s Ash I was like
00:53:40oh okay is Scott Lang have going to have to do something and then I was like I came maybe maybe he’s going to find Captain Marvel in the koala round
00:53:54because they have to explain where Captain Marvel’s Bane and I was like what if Nick Fury for whatever reason she’s trapped in the quantum realm or she’s being exiled to the quantum realm for some reason and Nick Fury Pages actually a release
00:54:14from the quantum realm for her
00:54:17this could be like a dumb looking apples face right now and if you could see it right now he’s like he is like she would save him from the Quantum of my room and then she would simultaneously explain where which is being all this time and also she would come back into Avengers Infinity War
00:54:46what are you think theme because Uncle Paul I didn’t like it didn’t like the post credit scene I thought it was stupid and one of them was stupid again let’s come down for a while so I’m just guessing right now Jason just wants to know what happens in the post credit scene explained in maybe this happen. But I do miss Howard the Duck but he’s used to the touch down near me in the end of Guardians of the Galaxy but I did not think he had a Method Man and how it and broke it
00:55:46great and Ant-Man the movie I was disappointed I thought I could have done it way better and maybe Scott family disappeared and he has to rely on them to be a family or he disappears and then it’s like I will crap that’s not good we got to get this dude back I don’t know I don’t think that’s how moblo playing I think like reading into her character if she’s not going to be on then she’s going to be on another planet for sure that is that’s where I can’t she just hurry up the Captain Marvel has no interaction with the quantum realm it’s like and it’s just not as I think that would be like an insulting way this is looking at the comics of stuff like that and there was also another thing I read somewhere in line that the the daughter of
00:56:46Scott Lange’s character has been Drake house to someone that is 16 years old and said there’s going to be some sort of time Jump could that mean that’s got Lang’s actually trapped in it what how is and things are going on outside of the like outside of the underground that would be crazy for long. Of time and then they actually still trying to solve the whole click 10 years down the thing like because it’s meant to be 10 years without eventually comes a time Gap wow and then then that gets me into the idea of maybe a case I forget about my phone. Maybe he actually learned a lot of things while he’s in the cat around as to how to manipulate time and those kind of things to me back so I guess it’s like
00:57:46light bulb would it be funny if he finds Helen What’s Janet like Janet has a little hot kind of like in Jumanji Kayla and he does like finds her little Quantum hot you may have she said that evolve line I was like is this how we have to bring X-Men into it cuz is this how they going to like somehow cuz she was very like that was a very specific line in this movie and it wasn’t just a throwaway line in my mind I felt like it that was there was a reason behind his saying about involved so the thing and even her powers seem a little bit like a mutant sort of power
00:58:43yeah me too. I want to see more of that though she was stuck in the past 30 years and then we can mention it looks good I wear my barbecue and sucking people down to work on some level at school I don’t have power as stupid maybe she does maybe that is a good theory to me since she could visit his self back to back to being a fool person again after being widowed Fountain corners of the generation of the energies Quantum yeah what else Quentin barbecues
00:59:43what about you got it at the quantum van so what are you bet you guys will theories of how it’s going to die in first of all I expected I did expect it to end with some social time with infinity war that wasn’t a surprise but I was surprised I was surprised that food went I thought maybe they’d have poor Reds Dora disappear and act like a really really really emotional bike stock lost his looks like a close family member or something super close and then you find out between here the next Avengers that Scott lines lost his family and whole guy has lost his family as well giving them is against santaluces weather
01:00:36honey I thought it was sorry but because they did say that he’s on house arrest as well right yeah but he was never with like it was on house arrest with his family I think it was just because he was in that same sentence in Infinity War I just like he’s going to text messaging is my Siri now so I’m going to tie my theory in with your theory about the 10-year time Gap cuz that’s really cool basically the two things will happen one it’ll be enough time for Scott Lang to figure out how to get himself out of the quantum realm or two we’re going to have another character that can get in and
01:01:36at this point so the only person that really has been established as being able to access the quantum realm we had duct we know that doctor strange he’s able to Jenny to the quantum realm but he’s gone but we don’t know what’s happened to Juan yeah we don’t know where the ones going or not I reckon he might have to come in and get Borat out of the phone around and then cuz we do not need that he will come out at some point because he’s in set for the rest of the Avengers for the next Avengers movie and they do the whole time travel stuff for whatever somehow they going to work together and figure out using probably the quantum technology
01:02:22from that he has now yeah to save the day so I would love to see one come show up those set photos also support the theory of a time Jump because they’re at the shorts of of of Robert Downey jr. He’s a lot older looking from like you he’s being so the Aged a little bit by the look of it the way that they’ve done his hair in a few bits and pieces so that may support the 10U jump but I’m not not maybe he’s just got older and that’s actually exactly you like I don’t have makeup on
01:03:22what I reckon Donna some other stuff this little red balls I was waiting for they’re really awesome Aunt scene at the end is it at I think him coming back would be that difficult I think someone might find him flick the pull back button and bring it back here because they’ve gone so deep in the quantum realm said a few times like time doesn’t exist back there so what I reckon how it’s going to go down is that he’s going to go back in time through the quantum realm and then as Scott Lang from X-Men again in the future going to go 10 years in the past Hill Soda Bay. Driving force that creates a technology that leaves the message that the Avengers will somehow figure out be like who the hell is United Sky why is he left a message for his 10 years in the past it’s telling us to go here to go into this and he will be the driving force that pulls them back into that that saying that we seen from the First Avenger
01:04:22restaurant yeah yeah sounds like the the the scientific idiot then becomes you know it could be really funny if he came out with a lot of quantum know that yeah just been in there for some money if it was his character that like in the in 10 years is gone from knowing nothing to like researching everything you can on Quantum technology the rescue is made as he comes out of bed now and this is like this story and we do everything
01:05:22do you think that I’m going to be really hungry and save the day he was like fighting over there where they had the big fight and then and black panther he like disappeared and he turned to dust and they’re like oh my gosh it’s totally like this but his guy I’ve ever met and then he will come pick it up
01:05:56that would be different I suppose but yeah
01:06:08if you’re good at will shrink or enlarge only one object you get this power for the rest of your life oh my gosh day in WoW
01:06:21what Do You Love YG look at that car and it’s not attached to you what what would that be to go pick one object object
01:06:55I should have seen you or in yeah and so get my drink
01:07:05I’m sending myself. I never thought of that when I was writing that question down I don’t know if I’ll get it in
01:07:20I would enlarge my house that’s a good one but you don’t think I can wait Lodge Lodge
01:07:37dying their hair
01:07:49I want to watch my bank account so I can afford a bigger house
01:07:59yeah -8000 words field in the smallest and that’s what I do that’s how I like your size of a planet
01:08:21if I did that is going to come along and steal half of it so why it’s not a living thing
01:08:34latest getting yourself wait what what did you say he said he’s going to make a massive thing to go but I will stay on top of it which makes no sense yeah it was a fun joke at the top of the for you buddy to those interview with him recently that said that basically he confirm the theory that it’s all living things so cool animals as well so I can a half of the ants in Ant-Man would be gone as well as as of the People by the way they take that and and I was like does that mean like half the trees as well because they living right
01:09:22well I guess it would be a difference between living in sentient yeah yeah yeah so bacteria technically what did you think of him getting in you Anthony in Ant-Man cuz I do like an emotional moment when Anthony died in the in the first one and then then he kind of dirt that he’s in and and in this one day kind of remind you of that bill I bet he’s an answer is really billions of these chicks Antonio Banderas rubbing myself what did you guys give it out of bed so I let some narud Anna school’s out of five Birds you said that it was like an eagle so it’s
01:10:22the three and above what it what did you give that so then what was your final rating for this movie 3 beds I definitely think it’s 3 in above to read above I actually given two and a half it’s ate it it still does she like him
01:11:07what is served two different
01:11:12movie we did it actually if you got nothing nice to say just don’t say anything it makes all the difference like it is good but it’s kind of just at the end of the day it’s kind of it’s It’s Perfectly forgettable and it’s kind of like the first movie I remember thinking when I watch the first maybe like this was enjoyable and then I went and watched it again and I was like this is boring and I’m wondering if I if I’ll do the same with his movie because I felt like it was a lot of fun but it was a lot of fun but but it might not have much rather watch Valley yeah I don’t think it’ll have as much free watch value and I feel like the pacing may be an issue on the second watch it may feel like that’s about half an hour too long because the blood is so simple it’s swollen and really there is not much of the development in it
01:12:09they might as well just Skip Along to the action sequences and then skip to the end of the movie kind of thing but yeah it’s 2 and 1/2 birds from me but yeah anyone listening what did you guys think let us know on the Facebook page so going back to you um theories and not for the future of the MCU tea do you guys have any other theories or any other things that you you think my I do have something it’s it’s not it’s Infinity War related it’s not a bad series or anything but it’s just something in the news of them which I thought was quite funny so I remember a couple years back I was a couple a couple of months back when we did Infinity War the review for that and I was saying like you know it’s that there are people out there that think that was did nothing wrong and I yelled at that hole because you have a guy that you went and seen a Widow’s on the but I guess yeah wave continue to Eric my maid
01:13:09found a couple months ago and he sent me a link to it which I thought was quite interesting there’s a subreddit called Santos did nothing wrong was it is quite funny it’s got a lot of really pretty funny memes and a volume in the last week in a bit it has become a very interesting space to watched it went from about 80,000 view * 80000 subscribers last month too it’s now sitting on I was six hundred thousand subscribers because
01:13:50about a week and a bit ago the one of the admins I think posted a joke got a thing saying hey if we can reach 200 thousand subscribers we will do a mess band of have to subscribe is it in honor of sadness everyone loved it in the space of a week it got over 400,000 you subscribe is to the point where they’re like oh crap you guys will actually really want us to do this okay will do it they had to go to the red attachments and figure out if this was something that might be allowed to do that I actually don’t date yet they created a but that would randomly Select Hospital subscribers and delete them they did all of this is crazy so they basically created the digital Infinity Gauntlet to have this
01:14:50it happened it last night Sir today as of 6 hours ago this happened it actually happened it was there was about 750,000 subscribers and half of them got like invite I think 6 hours ago got messages saying that they were going to be removed from this subreddit it is a real thing it’s been going off the last couple of days it’s been hilarious yes I did nothing wrong
01:15:23are you going to take it at your like cheetahs sorry funny so it was like getting all these messages and some people are going on yes I’m safe and other people think I don’t feel so good right are you subscribed to this customer service right now.
01:15:52That’s a good thing about it is that even off. Half the members are going to be bad it’s going to have like three or four times the amount of subscribers that it had a week ago yeah yeah it is who say and then the admins like the guys that run this subreddit have created another subreddit code in the south suburbs
01:16:18which is the divorce decree another but which will automatically add all the guys that get banned from the fattest did nothing wrong into this so starting subreddit where there are a bunch of more crazy fun means it is hilarious and it’s like it’s something about it’s funny as you will enjoy it or some space, check the Subway because of his band
01:16:46Columbia can you can search without logging in to say yes it really funny that’s really annoying but really funny very first comment on that prices I feel so good miss the stomach isn’t admin post that spinned at this. Which is a hang on let me I had it up here me and rejoice you have had the privilege of being saved by the great Titan you may think this is suffering no to Salvation the universal scales tip towards balance
01:17:46the sacrifice smile is so funny if you abandon Tire in the soul star in & Yeti idea I like so much news it was on the news like Josh Brolin sent in a video of him licking his fingers cuz he caught wind of it it’s so funny shake it out I’m inside the cell Stein subreddit now yeah because you know what a medically being added to it right now that’s funny say I think that brings us to the end of this week’s podcast if you like this bug Houston you want to support the sure you can visit out Patron page at patron.com / notes before you can contribute any amount starting at a door and not just really helps us to keep the lights on otherwise if you want to visit a Facebook page that would be great and subscribe on all the
01:18:46different platforms that would be great as well and writing a review on iTunes always helps us as well that’s a buy from me like depending on the space stays ants can lift anywhere between 20 to a hundred times there are white I think that’s wrong it’s not

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